The info on ten site is incorrect. They have a wrong president listed.

Multiple attempts to correct result in form letter telling us this is official state of California info which it is not. They are using and publishing info without any agreement and publishing my personal address without my permission. There is no way to reach anyone in the company , no address or phone number. All attempts to reach the company through their site result in the same form letter email repeating the same thing.

This company might be in violation of state and federal laws.

I will be filing complaint with the state of California.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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What a piece of *** company. IF it was a legit business, they would update and/or remove incorrect and or unwanted information.

MY address has been crossed up with my Ex-wife's.

Obviously these data miners do not know when to merge or when not to merge what they think are linked data. I agree contact the FBI and I will be happy to testify.

San Francisco, California, United States #745267

I happen to type my name to see what comes out on the search engine and I found among others Bizpedia listing my name under two companies I legitimately worked for, but on the top of the entry they have "Arrest Record 2 Secrets" in big bold letters listed in there. I was never arrested in my life and I went to their contact info and like one post put it I could not complete the information because they need my business URL which I do not have. How someone go away with putting damaging information on a person is something that baffles me and I don't know where to turn to to get them to remove this info.


This company is a total scam. I hired a private investigator.

They do not publish their address or phone number anywhere. The city had an address in its records which did not exist. As required by law, they are required to have an "opt out" procedure.

Because nothing was found to be legitimate and out of concern for public safety and

privacy, the investigator is turning the matter over to FBI. It is important that all bad experiences be posted here.

to I bust dishonest people all da #799343

To the Author of this Post:

Bizapedia, LLC has initiated a court proceeding and issued a subpoena in order to learn your identity. The case is entitled Bizapedia, LLC v.

Does 1-11, Case Number is 2:14-cv-00220-APG-GWF, and is currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada, located at 333 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101.

to I bust dishonest people all da Culpeper, Virginia, United States #894252

Please any one who has completed the process to have removed your information from this site

please help

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